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Published by OnlyBestLaptops, on Jul 30 2010, in the categories: By location, Purchasing tips

There are many online stores from which you can purchase laptops, but if you’re from the Philippines, you’ll be able to find some cheap laptops at These laptop notebook computers in Philippines are not only Taiwan-made laptops, but they also have some American brands that can be purchased. So, in what follows, there are presented a few laptop notebook computers in Philippines, so as to give you an idea about what types of laptops can be found there, and if you live around and want to purchase a laptop, you should check these ones out.

The first laptop we’ll talk about is the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3515 that comes with a 1.6GHz Genuine Intel Core Duo T2050 processor running on 1GB of RAM, which means it will enable you to perform your applications and tasks, and a 80GB hard drive, for you to store on it your personal stuff. Moreover, there’s WiFi connectivity which will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends while on the road, traveling. This traveling and working thing is also supported by the fact that the laptop is relatively light. Another thing about it, the laptop is used, so it costs around 15.500 P Firm and can be purchased by calling at the number that it shown in the add.

Another laptop that can be purchased from is the Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop that comes with an Intel N270 1.7GHz processor running on 1GB of RAM, meaning that there’s enough power for your applications, but multitasking will give you some trouble. You also get a 160GB hard drive, on which you can store anything from simple documents to entire movies, games and music, and also a 1.3megapixel CrystalEye Cam and the wireless connectivity, which will allow you to stay connected through video-chat with your family and friends, while you are on the go. Moreover, the laptop is very light and has a good battery life, so carrying it around with you in your trips won’t be a problem, but a pleasure.

The last laptop of the review is the IMB X40, which is a somewhat poor laptop in means of storage capacity and performance, but which can provide enough power for basic tasks like surfing the net, using MSN or typing documents and such. The laptop features a 1 GHz Intel Pentium M processor that runs on 512M of RAM, which even though it is not much, it can cope with basic tasks, and a 20 GB hard drive to stock your things, or at least part of them. However, there’s the wireless connectivity that seem to exist in every laptop nowadays and that will allow you to stay connected both at home, if you don’t like cables, and when you’re on your business or vacation trips. All in all, even if the laptop doesn’t have strong performance features, it will sure provide enough power for your internet applications, as well as for the MS Office Package and it will also run some of the Windows games.11

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