HP Notebooks With 7200 RPM Hard Drives

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Typically, most users purchase a laptop for the portability it offers, and not so often for its internal specifications, which includes also the notebook hard drive space. Over time, the hard drive will become full with documents, videos and music files that will affect the computer performance.

Before you by a new hard drive check to see if your HP notebook computer is under warranty. If the hard drive is damages and your HP notebook computer is under warranty then the process will be taken care of for you by the HP, of course if you are willing to wait a few days. HP customer service representatives are authorized to send you a replacement for your damaged hard drive. The new hard drive is sent to you and additionally you get an envelope to ship back your damaged hard drive. This is free of charge, as long as you send it on time. It better to order a larger hard drive for you HP notebook laptop.

The difference in price between a very large laptop hard drive and a smaller one is not very great, and with the large data files that become more and more prevalent, you will fill up very quickly your HP notebook hard drive. Make sure the hard drive that you purchase is a 2.5 inch hard drive, that is important because the HP laptop won’t work with the 3.5 inch hard drive. This hard drives are common used in desktop computers, but are too big in size for a notebook computer. The first step you need to perform is to check the type of hard drive that your HP laptop computer needs. In general, all modern laptop uses a 2.5 inch hard drive. This type of hard drive is universally compatible.

Any 2.5 inch hard drive will fit in your HP notebook computer if is installed correctly. That is why you only have to choose a hard drive based on your needs and budget. HP notebook computers are shipped with hard drives provided by different manufacturers. Consider in purchasing a hard drive from one of the most trusted hard drives manufacturers such as Seagate, Toshiba or Hitachi. Consider what you usually want to do with your notebook computer and buy the hard drive that suites the best for your needs. Usually the laptop hard drives can hold 500 gigabytes at the 5400 RPM speed, or 250 gigabytes at the 7200 RPM speed. These very large notebook hard drives are not very cheap. It is more important the speed over size if you will transfer a lot of data from one notebook computer to another machine, or if you are doing audio or video production on your HP notebook computer. Hard drives with faster RPM speeds, such as 7200 RPM, tend to consume more power, which will shorten the notebook battery life. In general, the HP laptops are shipped with 5400 RPM hard drives from the factory. If you upgrade to a 7200 RPM hard drive your HP laptop will be more powerful when carrying out some tasks, but will have an impact on the battery life.11

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